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Covid-19 PCR PKR 6500

Covid-19 IgG PKR 1800

Special discount for doctors & paramedics staff.

FDA approved kit.

Within 48 hrs reporting.

Free home sampling. For further details please contact at 0342-9280132

Real-time PCR

Cepheid USA Smart Cycler II

GCMD houses Real-time PCR machines from Cepheid USA (Smart Cycler II) the only FDA approved system for IVD after Light cycler in the world. This is the most sensitive technique for DNA/cDNA detection and quantification currently available.

Real-time PCR

Cepheid GeneXpert FDA Approved

Genome Center houses two GeneXpert (Cepheid USA) systems that are US-FDA Approved system for In Vitro Diagnostics. GeneXpert is a fully automated sample preparation and Real-time PCR detection system. The GeneXpert is designed to utilize self-contained sample-preparation cartridges that eliminate complex manual procedures as well as amplicon or agent contamination and PCR inhibitors. It is a high sensitive test as can detect HCV RNA < 6 IU/ml with rapid turnaround time of ~100 minutes from sample loading to result display

Real-time PCR

Sa’ Cycler 96

The Centre also houses a new instrument (Sa Cycler 96) with two thermoelectric Peltier elements for Real-time amplification for diagnostics applications that ensure high accuracy of temperature regulation. The unique design and project of the thermal block allows loading and unloading of test samples in a completely automated software-controlled way.

Automated Extraction

SaMag-Sacace Biotechnologies Italy

The Lab houses a fully automated high yielded and very fast nucleic acid extraction instrument with magnetic beads


Hb & Protein Electrophoresis Minicap

The fully automated system MINICAP FLEX PIERCING is used for HB and Protein Electrophoresis. It utilizes the proven, high performance technology of capillary electrophoresis for clear separation of analytes. Featuring cap-piercing, the instrument can perform whole blood analysis, with no pre-analytical preparation. For whole blood testing, the capped tubes are gently inverted to ensure adequate mixing of the samples providing accurate results.

Immuno Chemistry

VIDAS® bioMérieux

GCMD houses VIDAS® bioMérieux; World leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics. BioMérieux has been providing diagnostic solutions for the largest range of microbial control solutions for 50 years with main customer types: Food /Water, Bio-Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic/Personal Care, Advanced therapy/Blood banks, Veterinary diagnostics laboratories

Immuno Chemistry

BS-240 Chemistry Analyser-mindray

Genome Center houses BS-240, a “CUTE”, multi-functional benchtop clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput at 200 Tests/Hour.


Hematology Analyzer

GCMD houses Auto Hematology Analyzer from Sysmex and Mindray. These are highly user-friendly and innovative analyzer that offers cost efficient CBC and 5-part white cell differential results. These instruments flag any samples with suspected abnormalities, which are then twice reviewed by the pathologist. It is more accurate, more efficient and more innovative solutions.