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Genome Centre For Molecular Based Diagnostics & Research

To provide quality PCR tests on affordable prices, Genome Centre for Molecular Diagnostics (GCMD) was established and became functional in August 2011 for the providence of quality Molecular Diagnostic services. The advisors of GCMD have long been recognized for their expertise in Molecular and Medical Diagnostics, and have now extended the use of molecular technologies to the highly sensitive, specific, and rapid detection of clinical infections. The GCMS is a state of the art dedicated facility to infectious and genetic disease diagnostics using exclusively high quality Real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) DNA amplification technology in Real-time. Molecular infectious disease testing by RT-PCR directly detects pathogen-specific nucleic acid rather than relying on cultures, immunize activity or serology to identify the organism that generates both false positive and false negative or are time consuming. DNA amplification-bases methodology for detection of bacteria, viruses and parasites in Real-time offers increased sensitivity over traditional methods, particularly for viruses and difficult to culture organisms. Since the assay detects specific genetic sequences unique to viruses and microorganisms, the infectious agent is definitively identified. The organism need not be capable of growth to be detected. This is particularly important in patients who have been treated with antimicrobial drug prior to sampling especially anti-viral drugs in case of HCV & HBV.

Although it had been financially a great task to establish a quality Molecular Diagnostic Center in private sector meeting the International quality standards to produce effective and accurate results, but with the grace of ALLAH, the dream became a reality and we were able t establish this Center. A Molecular Lab requires certain pre-requisite, ignoring which may not provide accuracy in the results. Because of these reasons, GCMD has been set in a highly conducive place in 4 separate rooms in Johar Town, Lahore.