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Why Genome

Quality Assurance Standards

To ensure highest standards of quality on scientific and international level a quality assurance program is in vogue. This program insures the quality of the tests, integrity of the data and competency of the laboratory. The quality manual emphasizes the following.

  • Well-defined goals and objectives
  • State-of-the-art Labs & equipments
  • Developed SOPs for all test procedures
  • External and internal validation procedures
  • Blind proficiency testing at regular intervals.
  • Qualifications, relevant training, continuous Education
  • Confidentiality and privacy of information strictly observed
  • Record keeping of all the corrective action and procedures, you will have to provide this
  • Sample control through organized chain of custody/Command system
  • International standards observed for calibrations and maintenance of equipments
  • Audits of tools and services on matlab regular basis on international standards
  • Fully Automated Systems
  • Best and Affordable Rates
  • Exellent and Correct Results
  • Certified and Registered from ISO, RICI and Health Care Commission
  • Free Online Repoting
  • Discount Polices for needy Patients